Oil Filtration Systems

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Transformer oil filtration systems are designed for small volume transformers where the level of contamination with harmful particles and gases is rather low. GlobeCore oil filtration plants use single- or multistage filtration to remove solids and water. In addition, like most oil installations, GlobeCore oil filtration systems are mobile and installed in special containers and can be mounted on a special semi-trailer.


Installations of type CMM are available in a large range, selected specifically for different operating conditions, the size of the enterprise and equipment.


Relative simplicity in management, monitoring and control systems, system programming, as well as individual order fulfillment is a list of the minimum set of related services to oil filtration systems from GlobeCore.
of its aging, removes soot and sludge, dirt, moisture and dissolved gases.
According to studies conducted by General Motors and published in the publication of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it was determined that the life of the engine can be increased eight-fold, when using filters for the officer size particles 5 μm instead of the standard 40 μm.


This means that the process of improving the systems for filtering various oils does not stop and offers more and more new products.


However, if you choose this kind of equipment, it is worth treating this as doing homework at school – very responsibly. Not all oil filtration systems are equal. Sometimes, bright advertising brochures are specially designed to confuse the client. Beautiful papers, although they seem impressive, but are not scientific proofs.


The GlobeCore oil filtration plant uses several types of filters, both coarse and fine. Including As a filter many kinds of sorbents are used.


The photo shows a set of polypropylene filters. They come with a filtration fineness of 5 μm and / or 1 μm. Details can be viewed on the spare parts page or you can call the manager for an order immediately.

A set of filters with a filtration fineness of 5 μm and / or 1 μm:

  • Filter elements are polypropylene.
  • Nominal efficiency = 99.9%
  • Maximum differential pressure at 500С – 2,5 bar
  • Maximum productivity per cartridge 7000 l / h.
  • Geometrical dimensions: