Best Pixelmator Alternative Reviews Pros & Cons

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Layers are shown on the left edge of the interface with tools down the right edge. PixelMate Review and controls can be accessed from the main menu, as well as from a pulldown at the �+� sign in the upper left corner of the interface window. Whenever you select a tool like �Adjust Colors�, specific control parameters appear, along with thumbnails of your image using one of the built-in presets. Click �Add� at the top to expose more possible modifiers for that tool. This keeps the starting point simple, with an easy way to add more tools, much like Aperture did in the past.

Pixelmator Pro operation is very fluid. Little impedes your interaction with the interface. Camera raw images are processed in their native state, without the need for an image development step before you can work with them. Multiple raw files can be placed on separate layers. Most camera raw formats, including DNG, can be imported; however, compressed raw formats aren�t recognised. For example, I was able to import images from a DJI image sequence, but not a Blackmagic Design URSA camera. With raw files, colour adjustment tools continue to be available even as another manipulation is done.

Machine learning drives automatic layer naming. When you import a photo to a layer, Pixelmator Pro takes a best guess at what the image contains and names the layer accordingly. I imported an image of a large metal artwork and it was named �sculpture�. An image of the sanctuary in the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal was named �stained glass�. Most of the time, the automatic naming was close enough, but you can always change it yourself. The background layer and layers with camera raw images are not renamed. Another tie into macOS is the integration with photo libraries from Photos and/or Aperture. When selecting an image for importing on a new layer, one option is to pick from collections that you�ve curated in one of these two applications.